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Meet the PIP-UK Team

Hi there, welcome to the team PIP-UK section. It's great to meet you.
PIP-UK is a UK charity with one simple goal; raise awareness of Poland Syndrome. Poland Syndrome is rare syndrome which affects at least one child born in the UK every week.
You can find out exactly what Poland Syndrome is by selecting Poland Syndrome from the top menu bar above this box. In the mean time this section will tell you about the people working hard to raise awareness.

Thanks for stopping by from all of us at PIP-UK 

This is Sam our founder. Sam started PIP-UK from her own personal experience. Her youngest child was born with Poland Syndrome. Sam struggled to find information about Poland Syndrome that was UK based. There's streams of information to be sought but it is predominantly USA orientated. Sam is determined another parent in her situation will not feel so alone or unable to find the information they need at the right time. Sam wants to make sure parents feel empowered to make informed choices for their children.

PIP-UK Founder  and Trustee - Sam Fillingham

Liz is Sam's mum and has been there every step of the way since the inception of PIP-UK. Liz has  helped the PIP-UK team get to grips with some of the finer details of being a trustee in terms of the legal documents and book-keeping requirements to make sure we are fully compliant.
Liz recently got the "running" bug this year! Having completed her first 10k sponsored run she went on to run another 2 for PIP-UK. This has helped raise awareness of Poland Syndrome and brought in much needed funds to help us continue our work.

PIP-UK Trustee - Liz Mckenna 

Rach got involved with PIP-UK in the early days. She started out by helping on the PIP-UK stalls raising money and awareness of Poland Syndrome. She jumped at the chance to become a trustee!
Rach organised a karaoke and quiz night which was a great success. Rach is also a keen runner and helped to arrange our first official "Team PIP" event where we got together a number of sponsored runners to raise money by completing the Stockport 10k Legacy Event. It was a proud day for PIP-UK to see a whole team of people sporting our PIP-UK t-shirts!

PIP-UK Trustee - Rachel Cooper 

Anna started out supporting PIP-UK by getting involved in fund-raising activities. Her family are very "arty-crafty" people and she arrived to one event with a handful of hand made brooches and woollen hats! Anna joined the PIP-UK team as a trustee.
Anna has spent most of her time with PIP-UK building and constructing the website you see here today with our web designer "Tkey". Anna has supported the other trustees of PIP-UK to enable them to contribute their own posts and information to the website.

PIP-UK Trustee - Anna Rogers

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