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Friday Fun with Beadle

But first the answer to the money riddle; the countries in the Euro and their previous currencies are..

Austria - Austrian Schilling, Belgium- Belgian Franc, Finland - Finnish Markka, France - French Franc, Germany - Deutschmark, Ireland - Irish Pound (Punt), Italy - Italian Lira, Luxembourg - Luxembourg Franc, Netherlands - Dutch Gulden, Portugal - Portuguese Escudo, and Spain - Spanish Peseta .

I know I found that more difficult than I thought I would, how did you all do?

This week I've been reading Jeremy Beadle's Autobiography 'Watch Out' which was published in 1998 some 10 years before he died.  Beadle is probably the most well known person in the UK to have Poland's Syndrome, so I read his book eagerly anticipating his comments on how it shaped his life.  The first mention is on page 1, which is understandable as autobiographies traditionally beging with the subject's brth!  Jeremy goes on to explain how he spent the first few years of his life in and out of hospital having operations and skin grafts.

Later in the book, Beadle states how parents often wrote to him when their children had been diagnosed with Poland's.  His advice was "they must never hide it as it only attracts attention and their child must learn to use the arm as much as possible so the muscle doesn't wither.  But the main thing I emphasize is it's not the size of your hand that matters, but the size of your heart".

We used to watch Beadle on tv every Saturday night in 'Beadle's About' and it was only after his death that I discovered he had Poland's Syndrome.  For me he was just the man on tv every Saturday night who made me laugh.  For those of you who never watched Beadle's About, and for those of you who just want to laugh at the memory take a look at this video of my favourite Beadle prank and just think - what would you do if you came home to find an alien in your back garden?!

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