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Congratulations Team PIP-UK

What a great day for PIP-UK. Our runners did a fantastic job. Our logo got noticed and we were asked all about PIP-UK giving us the chance to educate spectators, supporters and race officials on Poland Syndrome. There will be an update tomorrow with the actual results but for now take a look at a video slide show of the day by reading on….

The Helping Hands Foundation

From time to time at PIP-UK we like to share a new support group that we have come across. Today we’re doing just that in a slightly different way by sharing a family’s short tribute to a non-profit organisation who really helped them when their little girl was born with a limb difference. Having a child with a limb difference like Poland Syndrome can leave parents with lots of questions and worries. If this is you, you’re not alone. Take a couple of minutes to watch today’s video.

Poland Syndrome: One Young Lady’s Experience

Today we introduce you to Mary Panjoma who has Poland Syndrome. This is a great video, where Mary is very open and honest about her experiences to date living with Poland Syndrome.

Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles Part 4

John Peterson talks to us today about learning to drive a car when you have Poland Syndrome. The video is really useful for anyone out there who is considering learning to drive who may have Poland Syndrome. John also discusses some obstacles he had with grasping different items.

Buttons, Laces and Gloves

Poland syndrome has it’s obstacles in day to day life. Today we share a video from John Peterson who has Poland Syndrome. He shows us how he has learned to do up a button on the sleeve of a shirt, how to tie laces and also a useful tip or two on gloves !

Growing up with Poland Syndrome

John Peterson is a banjo player who has Poland Syndrome. John is creating a set of videos to share his life experiences on living with Poland Syndrome. Today he talks to us about growing up with Poland Syndrome from his childhood experiences through to adulthood.

New Series of Poland Syndrome Videos

We introduce you today to John Peterson, a banjo player with Poland Syndrome. John is embarking on creating a series of videos about life with Poland Syndrome that we want to share with you. So take a look at video number one and come back to see video number two!

Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles – Part 3

A useful discussion on the options to consider for one hand typing when using a computer

Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles – Part 2

Useful trick to use to open a bottle or jar with one hand

Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles – Part 1

Using a tin opener when you have Poland Syndrome can be a little tricky. Mario, demonstrates a few models and lets us know which one he has found the easiest to use.

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