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Poland Syndrome at Edinburgh Festival fringe

PIP-UK is a proud sponsor of Richard Stott’s Theatrical Comedy about his personal experience of living with Poland Syndrome.

Encouragement goes a long way!

Sharing experiences about Poland Syndrome helps us all to understand what might be coming for a younger generation and also what we can do to support our friends and family. We featured a new blog we found a few weeks ago about one persons account of living with Poland Syndrome. Thanks to our readers she has posted again….

From the Past to the Future

It’s the last day of our reflection theme on PIP-UK this week. We hope you have enjoyed our little jaunt down memory lane. Today the past meets the future (hence the back to the future car) and we’ll tell you about some of things we’re thinking about doing in the coming year at PIP-UK

Who has PIP-UK Helped?

Today we reflect on how we’re doing with our vision. PIP-UK has set itself a goal for the whole of the UK to know about Poland Syndrome. Yes we know it’s a big ask! But we’re not doing too badly. Take a look at today’s post and find out how who we’ve helped so far and how you can help us too.

It’s all about the people

Without all the people who have helped us giving up their free time we wouldn’t exist and that’s a fact. We thought today we would share how people have helped us along the way. PIP-UK is a small charity and small charities rely on help from very special individuals. So today is about taking some time out to say thank you to all of them.

Why is there a need for PIP-UK?

Why do we exist? Information on Poland Syndrome is scarce. We hear from people from all over the world who want to find out more. We’re trying to create a hub a place where people can come and find out more. To be reassured, to learn and to understand they are not alone.

Reflection Week

This week we’re in a reflective mood and we will be focusing on the journey of PIP-UK so far. We want to let all our supporters know about the story of PIP-UK and how we’re raising awareness of Poland Syndrome.

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