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Short Stories | One Hand Smaller

One of the characteristics of Poland Syndrome is that one hand is smaller than the other. The hand may webbed fingers, fused fingers or missing fingers altogether. We share a short story we found about this physical appearance.

Short Stories | Buying Gloves

“For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction” – Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was of course referring to physics theories but we believe today’s short story means it can apply to the human race too.

Poland Syndrome – Sunken Chest

Poland Syndrome is rare it only affects a few people BUT diagnosis may not happen at birth. Today we share a story of how a family discovered their young son had Poland Syndrome.

Parent’s milestone in journey with Poland’s Syndrome

Over the summer, the day I have been waiting for since I discovered my beautiful son had Poland’s Syndrome finally arrived……

My Family and the Paralympics

PIP-UK shares a heart-warming story about the paralympics and what it means to their family

Poland Syndrome Awareness Video

Youtube video uploaded by AutismAdvantage

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