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Poland Syndrome – No Big Deal

We like to share stories of inspiring people who have Poland Syndrome. Today we share an article featuring James Gallagher a golfer.

Radio Interview a Musician with Poland Syndrome

Radio interview with Mario Padovani who is a musician who happens to have poland syndrome. Mario plays a variety of instruments and is himself a music teacher. Mario is keen to help others accomplish playing instruments who have poland syndrome or other limb differences.

Because who is perfect

Imperfection is Individuality – following a successful quote posted on our facebook page which seem to strike a chord with many of our readers we share this video with you today.


we found a great website called Superhands! The founder is based in the US. We particularly love the superhands hero page which has lots of individual stories about kids with limb differences and what they have achieved. Inspirational stuff, definitely worth a read especially if you’re feeling a bit down !

Poland Syndrome: One Young Lady’s Experience

Today we introduce you to Mary Panjoma who has Poland Syndrome. This is a great video, where Mary is very open and honest about her experiences to date living with Poland Syndrome.

Anything is Possible

A video inspiration of a young girl playing the piano. On her right hand she has no fingers. This piece sounds beautiful and is another example of how nothing should stand in the way of achieving greatness.

Poland Syndrome and Music

PIP-UK – Story of a little boy who would not be give up learning to play the piano!

Another great sportsman who happens to have Polands Syndrome

PIP-UK shares news of another sports person with Poland Syndrome

Radio Interview with Woody Bavota

PIP-UK Recommends listening to this Radio Interview with Woody Bavota – learn about his important project!

Paralympians with Poland Syndrome

PIP-UK – Follows three very special Paralympians with Poland Syndrome

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