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Poland Syndrome | 10 Basic Facts

Poland Syndrome in 10 Basic Fact Sheets

Poland Syndrome | Starting School

Is your child starting school are you worried about what to say to teachers about Poland Syndrome? Mum, Sam shares her experience.

Poland Syndrome | We can help

A short note about some of the work we do and how we can help you on your Poland Syndrome journey

Poland Syndrome | Getting the right treatment

Sometimes you have to just keep going back to the doctor to get the right treatment. Sam shares her experience about dealing with the medical professionals to get some phsyio treatment for her son,

Back to School

It’s that time of year to start thinking about all the school uniforms, stationery, lunch boxes, shoes and all the other multitude of things you’ll need for the school year in September. Well if you are ordering on-line, you could be raising a free donation for PIP-UK and helping families affected by Poland syndrome.

Poland Syndrome | PIP payment (UK only)

Did you know it might be possible to get a Personal Independence Payment if you have Poland Syndrome? Find out more by reading this post

Coffee drinkers help us raise some funds

Be a hero with Caffe Nero ! Raise some much needed funds whilst you sip your morning or afternoon coffee

Clothes for Charity

I decided to have a good clear out of the family wardrobes to help us raise some funds in a easy way.
As a charity supporting those with Poland Syndrome and their families we’re always looking for us and our supporters to raise money simply.

Poland Syndrome | Using Games Consoles

Sharing experience about my son and using games consoles like playstation and Wii with Poland Syndrome.

Poland Syndrome | Swimming Lessons

Poland Syndrome can be a difficult diagnosis for parents and you might feel you will always have to explain to tutors about your child’s needs. But there will come a time when you don’t consider this and life will just go on….

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