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How to survive being stared at….

Isn’t it awful when people stare? Makes you want to curl up or run and hide somewhere. All of us have felt the urge to have the ground swallow you up at some point in our lives. Having Poland Syndrome can mean your difference is more visible than most. Read on to find out some tips on how to handle this…..

Zipping up a Coat

Poland syndrome can mean a person has one hand which has less digits than the other which can lead to some tricky obstacles to overcome, like zipping up a coat. Today we share with you one little boy’s achievement after watching a video online of someone else demonstrating how to do just this.

Buttons, Laces and Gloves

Poland syndrome has it’s obstacles in day to day life. Today we share a video from John Peterson who has Poland Syndrome. He shows us how he has learned to do up a button on the sleeve of a shirt, how to tie laces and also a useful tip or two on gloves !

Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles – Part 3

A useful discussion on the options to consider for one hand typing when using a computer

Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles – Part 2

Useful trick to use to open a bottle or jar with one hand

Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles – Part 1

Using a tin opener when you have Poland Syndrome can be a little tricky. Mario, demonstrates a few models and lets us know which one he has found the easiest to use.

Useful Information for Young Girls with Poland Syndrome

PIP-UK – Shares a link about the Bra-Clinic

Channel 4 – Poland Syndrome

Video from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies show about treatment for a young man with Poland’s Syndrome.

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