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Happy Birthday George

Happy Birthday to the little boy who started us on a wonderful journey

Happy 6th Birthday

Today is a very, very special birthday at PIP-UK. George is the little boy who has taken us on this wonderful journey learning all about Poland Syndrome.

Happy First Birthday

Birthday message for a beautiful little girl 🙂 x

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day from PIP-UK …. “A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved” or perhaps “See a need, fill a need” we’re asking all our readers to do one act of random kindness today …. spread the love

Merry Christmas to all

PIP-UK has had a quiet year and we’ll be back in 2014 with renewed energy! In January we’ll be telling you all about how we’ve continued our work spreading the new about Poland Syndrome and helping support those who have it. But for now we just want to say…..

Happy Birthday Liz

Its another PIP-UK team birthday …..

Happy Birthday Founder!

Today is the birthday of the founder of PIP-UK. Many happy returns Sam from all of us! Sam started PIP-UK after struggling to find information about Poland Syndrome in the UK and she didn’t want anyone else to go through the same thing again…..

Happy Birthday Tkey

Today is the birthday of someone who helped PIP-UK become what it is today. We wish them a very, very happy birthday and thank them from the bottom of our hearts …………

Happy 5th Birthday

Today is a very special day at PIP-UK. We celebrate the birthday of our inspiration. It’s a young boy very dear to our hearts who turns 5 years old. George was born with Poland Syndrome and was the reason we learned all about what this syndrome is and reached out to the world to find out more. Thank you George for opening our eyes to a whole new world. Have a great birthday !

Congratulations Team PIP-UK

What a great day for PIP-UK. Our runners did a fantastic job. Our logo got noticed and we were asked all about PIP-UK giving us the chance to educate spectators, supporters and race officials on Poland Syndrome. There will be an update tomorrow with the actual results but for now take a look at a video slide show of the day by reading on….

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