Poland Syndrome Support

Poland Syndrome | Breathing Difficulties

Is there a correlation between Poland Syndrome and breathing difficulties if someone has an upper respiratory infection? What is your experience?

Poland Syndrome | Letter to the Telegraph

Poland Syndrome and the label of “disability” is something we have struggled with at PIP-UK to get right. Have a read of this letter what do you think?

Aussie Hands – Making Connections

Poland Syndrome can leave a person feeling isolated. At PIP-UK we’re trying to make connections across the world to change this. Read more about this today as we introduce you to an Australian organisation we connected to recently.

Friday Fun With Flags – The Answers

How many flags did you recognise from last week’s challenge?

Friday Fun with Flags

See how many flags you recognise from the top 10 countries that visit PIP-UK

Friday Fun With Carolling

Find out about how you can help PIP-UK this Christmas

Friday Fun with Twitter

Friday Fun with Twitter – Help PIP-UK win a Golden Twit award!

Friday Fun With Alternative Therapies

One of our trustees shares their own personal experience with an alternative therapy. What alternative therapies have you tried? We would love to know leave us a comment at the end of the post.

Friday Fun with Beadle

PIP-UK – Jeremy Beadle, one of the most famous people with Poland Syndrome

Friday Fun – Money Makes The World Go Round

PIP-UK – Useful Websites for covering the expense of travel costs to and from hospital

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