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AGM 2017

The AGM Will be held on 10am on Thursday 23rd March 2017.

Poland Syndrome | Meet Tasha and Harry

Mum Tasha, tells about her experience on getting a diagnosis for Poland Sydnrome for her son and how PIP-UK helped on that journey

Poland Syndrome Winter Gloves

Poland syndrome winter gloves can be hard to come by. When you have one hand smaller than the other or missing fingers. We’ve found someone who can help

Poland Syndrome Father’s Story

Poland Syndrome Father’s are not a group of individuals we hear from. We were delighted when one Poland Syndrome Father agreed to share his experience

Poland Syndrome Newsletter

Poland Syndrome newsletter is now available. Get your weekly edition sent to your mailbox

Poland Syndrome | 10 Basic Facts

Poland Syndrome in 10 Basic Fact Sheets

Poland Syndrome | Body Building – Faraz

We connected with Faraz earlier this year who has started a web page about body building and poland syndrome. This is Faraz’s introduction to the site that he has created.

Poland Syndrome | Sharing Melissa’s Story

We recently connected with Melissa who has started a Poland Syndrome blog and asked us to share her story with us.

My Volunteering Experience

Friend and supporter to PIP-UK Val, shares her experience of volunteering. Read about her account of a recent visit to meet European societies as PIP-UK works to build a network of medical expertise for Poland Syndrome. Make sure you read to the end there’s an extra special bit of news!

Poland Syndrome | Ben Popp

Guest post from Ben Popp who shares his experience of life with Poland Syndrome and is aspiring to become the first model with Poland Syndrome

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